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Postcard from Los Angeles 1 – the sun always shines on TV…and here

As I packed my bags for my trip to LA, I couldn’t imagine sunshine in the middle of winter.  Edgar told me to pack layers: “It gets cold at night,” he told me. So in went jeans, long-sleeved shirts, cardigans, socks, jackets and a puffa jacket.

I emerged from the terminal at LAX into a balmy 65 degrees at 7.30pm and immediately started sweating. Edgar said, “It’s a bit chilly, don’t you think?” I immediately see myself wearing the same t-shirt and trousers for the whole week, or else evaporate in a puff of sweat. Winter here is actually like summer at home.

LA lesson number 1: LA is not the real world – it’s really like it is on telly – sunny and blue-skied and full of smiling people who tell you to “have a good one.” They don’t specify what “one” they’re talking about so I’m going to fill in the blank myself *smiles to self indulgently*.

20131127_125748_resizedMy dear friend Edgar has been living in La-La Land for the past year.  He is making his dream of becoming an actor come true, skipping from audition to audition and driving around with a big pink moustache on.  Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture to show you of this, or you would see that the pink moustache is attached to his car.  It’s the logo of a new community driver service which is all done on the internet and is cheaper than a taxi.  It’s great because he can fit this in around his acting.  I’m sworn to secrecy about his latest role, but can tell you that it will be on the telly in January and IS VERY FUNNY.

I have just managed to lift a fabulous pizza to my mouth before succumbing to jet-lag. We’ve driven down long avenues edged by low buildings and now we’re approaching our rented apartment in the burbs of West Hollywood.  I’m vaguely aware of palm trees and exotic flowers all over the place….zzzzzzzz


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