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Postcard from Los Angeles 5 – All the city’s a stage

Filming another Hollywood blockbuster...

Filming another Hollywood blockbuster…?

In Santa Monica, I was hurried along by a 12-year-old with a clipboard past the lights, camera, action of a scene being shot for something or other.  It actually all looked rather tedious because the extras had to try to look interested when the cameras started rolling.  As I craned my neck round in case I was missing Ryan Gosling or someone really worth looking at, imagine my delight when it turned out to be the boy from Love Actually who had the crush on the American girl and he learned the drums to get into the band that accompanied her at the nativity play when she tried to sing All I Want For Christmas like Mariah Carey.  You remember.  You don’t?  Oh well, he’s my celebrity spot here in LA and I’m very proud of it.

Then I went to the Whole Foods Market which is a very up-scale (American for up-market according to Edgar) Holland & Barrett. A woman in the queue was telling her companion very loudly that she had been for a meeting at Warner Brothers and they loved her idea. I hope it was for a film script, rather than that they should change their loo paper.

I’m amazed by how accessible the whole film business seems to be.  Edgar is constantly going for auditions and meeting people who are producing films and talking to this person and that person.  We dropped in on a Thanksgiving party given by one of Edgar’s actor friends.  After saying hello to everyone, I realised that I was the only person not involved in the film industry and, despite my earlier feelings that Hollywood was nothing but fake, I felt a great warmth from these people.  They were interested and curious about their friends, rather than suspicious or resentful of others’ good fortune which is what I so often find in London.  I started wishing that we would be able to stay for more than just a quick drink.

Someone new joined our group and told me, “I love your accent!”.

“Oh, do you like it?” I replied. “I’m working on it for a part.”

Everyone fell around laughing – perhaps I could try being a comedian.


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